Arts Professional partnership

Arts Professional partnership

Since 2014, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has worked in partnership with Arts Professional to contribute a series of regular editorial articles on the theme of 'Fundraising for the Future'.

On this webpage you can start reading the latest article; click on the title to read the full article. There is also a list of articles since September 2021; again you can click on each title to read the full article.

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Latest article

Comparing apples to oranges (May 2022)

Arts organisations increasingly use data to inform their decision making. But, argue David Johnson (Cause4and Sarah Thelwall (MyCake), if it’s not relevant, it risks being distracting, or even misleading.

Being ‘relevant’ means being closely connected or appropriate to what is being done or considered. In a data context, this means quantitative information needs additional context and meaning to ensure it’s relevant to the decision being made. 

Benchmarking your business model against other organisations can be incredibly helpful as part of a suite of tools when reviewing strategy, informing a business case or testing assumptions. Often, income generation plans are aspirational and not grounded in the context the organisation is operating in...

Recent articles

Beware the Captain Tom trap (March 2022)

In implementing the levelling up agenda, the arts should pay attention to some worrying news on the legacy of Captain Tom, writes Michelle Wright...

Ethical trouble at the top (February 2022)

Day-to-day news is littered with questions over ethics. We care deeply about rights and wrongs. But Michelle Wright asks, do the arts care more than other sectors? 

Can corporate sponsorship be part of the environmental agenda? (November 2021)

As arts organisations struggle with post-Covid recovery, Michelle Wright asks whether sponsorship can grow in this economic climate...

Giving circles and the arts (September 2021)

Philanthropy is sometimes described as a ‘privilege’ of the wealthiest. But, as Michelle Wright argues, research suggests that giving circles can provide a meaningful and empowering experience at all levels...

Visit the Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy page on the Arts Professional website to read all articles