Brave Futures

Brave Futures

Brave Futures – a business support programme enabling arts, culture and heritage organisations to make bold decisions for the future


Brave Futures is a new programme from Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy to support organisations to plan for the medium term. Support will include reviewing business models, building dynamic future plans and making difficult decisions. 


Cultural organisations will need to become more entrepreneurial and develop business models that help them maximise income, reduce costs and become more financially resilient. We will expect them to look for opportunities to share services and explore mergers with other organisations. 

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Transformational Change for Arts, Culture and Heritage Organisations 


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, it is likely that the arts, culture and heritage sectors may never go back to operating the way that they did before. New ways of delivering creative activity have emerged and a range of opportunities lie ahead. Sometimes, having conversations about change can be difficult. Organisations need structures and a confidential space to work through complex scenarios, for example, considering the viability of merging, of changing their operating model, or in some cases, thinking through how to wind up the business altogether. 


During the last 18 months, Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy has spoken with hundreds of organisations about how they might sustain and develop the way that they work and has supported them to think through a range of scenarios and outcomes. 


It is important that organisations have a confidential, experienced sounding board to work through scenario planning and to ensure that their mid-term business models are robust, achievable and capitalizing on the learning that they have experienced through the pandemic.  


We want to support organisations that want to reflect, decide and then deploy new approaches to their work. Many pre-pandemic business models won’t be sustainable without substantial change and our cultural organisations need operating models that can handle great uncertainty, whilst being robust enough to take advantage of emerging opportunities and possibilities.  


The Brave Futures programme is a strategic consultancy package led by Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy designed for arts, culture and heritage organisations that are looking at their business models in the medium-term, whilst responding to the immediate challenges of Covid-19. Your organisation is likely experiencing substantial transition and the programme supports leaders and Trustees to work collaboratively to address future challenges, futureproof their business models and review their own viability and liquidity. 

Applications are also open for our well established consultancy programme Culture Change. This programme will help organisations to create and implement radical new fundraising strategies. 


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