Fundraising Culture Change

Fundraising Culture Change


The Fundraising Culture Change programme is a tailored consultancy package led by Michelle Wright, CEO of Cause4 and Programme Director of Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy. Designed for arts, culture and heritage organisations experiencing substantial transition or change, the programme supports leaders and inspires teams to work collaboratively to increase fundraising and income generation. 


Arts Fundraising & Philanthropy is now calling out for organisations who want to focus on developing their sustainability over the next few years, and in doing so join organisations like Raw Music, Bethlem Gallery, Cambridgeshire County Council and Babylon Arts in driving a step change in their income generation. 


What will my organisation gain? 

Organisations are now facing the perfect storm, recovering after COVID-19 and with an impending cost of living crisis, and its subsequent impact on their business models. In these times, it’s easy for organisations to become inward-facing. They may struggle to build strong external relationships and stop looking outside of their organisation for fundraising opportunities. Right now, it is more important than ever that arts organisations have the fundraising strategies and internal cultures required to survive and be resilient. 


Fundraising Culture Change is for: 

  • Leadership teams 
  • Board members 
  • Staff 
  • Volunteers 


The programme will build new ways of working through: 

  • Reflecting on internal culture and ways of working 
  • Looking at business models and approaches to income generation 
  • Inspiring leaders to seek out new fundraising opportunities and partnerships with confidence 
  • Supporting teams to feel ownership of their work 
  • Developing fundraising skills within the workforce 
  • Redefining ways of working to foster innovation and growth 


The programme is bespoke to each individual organisation. Previous participants have developed business plans, fundraising strategies, major donor implementation or corporate fundraising strategies – the programme works with whatever is most pressing for the organisation. 


Please note that applications for the Fundraising Culture Change programme are now closed.

What previous participants say:


"The Culture Change programme enabled a fresh approach to assessing our organisational culture, providing support and advice which has helped us to move forward in an informed and re-invigorated way."

- Claire Somerville, Babylon Arts


"Culture Change was strategic but also practical, we had open discussions and moved forwards a culture of fundraising within the organisation."

- Catherine Herbert, Whitstable Biennale 


"I can't advocate for Michelle strongly enough. Her delivery has been as close to perfect as possible."

- Mark Davyd, Rhythmix Music